Quantitative Sciences Major w/ Linguistics track

The Linguistics track will teach you to model knowledge and language computationally and to use data to find patterns in how people acquire language and track linguistic variations across speakers and geography.

How it works:

  1. Complete Calc I + 4 QTM core courses + QTM 150/151 + 3 QTM electives
  2. Complete LING 101
  3. Complete LING 201
  4. Complete LING 401
  5. Complete LING 210, 212, or 214
  6. Complete two LING electives at the 200-level or above
  7. Make sure you complete 50 credit hours
Primary Advisor Dr. Jeremy Jacobson
Secondary (track) Advisor Dr. Phil Wolff

Contact the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods for details on the QSS Major w/ a concentration in Linguistics.