Linguistics Minor

To declare the Linguistics Minor: Complete the online Declaration of Major/Minor Form.

Six courses, 19-23 credit hours, required for the Linguistics minor (LINGMIN):

I. LING 201 Foundations of Linguistics
The systematic study of human language, surveying the fields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, child language acquisition, and historical linguistics.

II. LING 101 History of the American Languages
An examination of the historical use of various languages and geographical and social dialects in American society.
LING 401W Language, Mind, and Society
Survey of topics including the foundations of language, the relationship between mind and language, and the relationship between langauge and society. Readings drawn from classic works and contemporary research.

III. Two Elective Courses in Linguistics
Any LING course except LING 151 (min. 3 credit hours for each course).

IV. Two Foreign Language Courses

  1. Two courses in one foreign language at the 200-level or above OR
  2. Two courses in two different foreign languages at any level, with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
AP credit in a foreign language may be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement but an additional linguistics elective must be taken to meet the required credit hours of the minor.