Spanish and Linguistics Major

The Joint Major in Spanish and Linguistics is an interdisciplinary program requiring a minimum of 45 credit hours.
Students will be able to declare this new major starting in Fall 2017.
For more information please contact program coordinator Dr. José Luis Boigues-López.

Requirements for the Joint Major in Spanish and Linguistics

  1. Required core courses (5 courses)
    - Spanish 303
    - Spanish 304 (may be substituted with Ling 201 by petition)
    - A research methods course in Spanish or Linguistics (or other related field upon approval)
    - Linguistics 101
    - Linguistics 401 (only in senior year)
  2. Advanced 400-level courses in Spanish Linguistics (3 courses)
    - Three different Spanish 410 courses
  3. Language course (1 course)
    - 1 language course at any level in a language that is not Spanish
  4. Electives (at least 4 courses)
    In consultation with the advisor, students should take additional courses to complete 45 credits from the following:
    - At least 2 courses in Linguistics
    - At least 2 courses in Spanish, which can be Span 212 or any other courses at the 300 or 400 levels


  • Maximum of 15 credits from approved study abroad programs. Summer study abroad programs run directly by Emory faculty are excluded from this maximum.
  • Approval from the program coordinator required for substitutions in the core courses (Ling 201 and research methods course).