Linguistics Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Emory Linguistics Class of 2021. 
May success always find you!


Linguistics Award Recipients

Linguistics Department award winners

Honors 2021

Shawna Dempsey, Linguistics Major, Honors in Linguistics

Shawna Dempsey

“Ain't Ain't a Word: Stigma against Southern Speech in the Classroom.”
High Honors in Linguistics.

photo of Keara Harris, graduating with honors in linguistics

Keara Harris

"Visualising Merge as a Three-Dimensional Constructed Language."
High Honors in Linguistics.

Rammi Quah graduating with Honors in Linguistics

Rammi Quah

"The Syntax of Palestinian Arabic Modal Verbs."
High Honors in Linguistics.

Eva Rothenberg, Honors in Linguistics

Eva Rothenberg

"In These Unprecedented Times: A Genre Analysis of American University Reopening Statements during the COVID-19 Pandemic."
Highest Honors in Linguistics.

Haohan Shi, Joint Psychology and Linguistics major, High Honors in Psychology

Haohan Shi

"What Transformers Might Know About the Physical World: T5 and the Origins of Knowledge."
High Honors in Psychology and Linguistics.

Photo of Qifan Wang, right hand lifted up with elbow resting on concrete bannister. He is outdoors, trees and concrete background. He Highest Honors in Psychology and Linguistics

Qifan Wang

"The Hairscapes of Chinese International Students."
Highest Honors in Psychology and Linguistics.

Photo of Julie Wechsler, wearing a blue sweater, smiling and looking forward. Graduated with Highest Honors in Psychology and Linguistics (Linguistics).

Julie Wechsler

"Motivations of Student Medical Interpreters: Personal, Professional, or Altruistic?"
Highest Honors in Psychology and Linguistics.


Graduating Majors, Joint Majors and Minors!

Linguistics Majors
Shawna Dempsey
Lydia Feng
Keara Harris
Gyeong Mo Kim
Alexis Metoyer
Joshua Morabito
Kailey Nelson
Elizabeth Purnell
Rammi Quah
Daniel Ramirez
Jessica Reveles
Kaleb Roderick
Julia Rogers
Eva Rothenberg
Ryan Seitter
Hyang Gi Shin
Emily Silber
Fredrick Thompson
Zuhra Tukhtamisheva

Quantitative Sciences w/ concentration in Linguistics
Jieyu Jiao

Psychology and Linguistics Majors
Alexis Greenblatt
Justine Griego
Rebecca Kalik
Jessica Kwong
Mendy Lee
Yue Li
Scheila Rueda
Yehuda Sarao
Haohan Shi
Matthew Sistrunk
Diana Vazquez
Qifan Wang
Julie Wechsler
Michelle Zheng

Spanish and Linguistics Majors
Cahill Carusos
Elif Kilic
Madeline Knight
Natalie Natole
Jenna Schissler
Jack Whetstone

Linguistics Minors
Anna Crossley
Tia Dowling
Abigail Filer
Sarah Garner
Nathaniel Goldblum
Margaret Gunter
Ilene Lei
Helin Li
Alisha Mody
Carlos Monteagudo Ortiz
Marvin Richards, III
Kyra Solomon
Nini Tufon
Daphne Weiss



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