Linguistics Class of 2022

Congratulations to the Emory Linguistics Class of 2022. 

Our warmest thoughts and highest hopes are with you as you celebrate.

Linguistics Awards

Linguistics Department award winners

Honors 2022

Wendy Aviles sitting at a table

Wendy Avilés

The Debate on Gender-Fair Language in the Dominican Republic: Assessing the Phenomenon’s Form, Usage, and Linguistic Attitudes


Cutler Cannon from the shoulders up, smiling and looking forward. Pink azaleas and foliage in the background.

Cutler Cannon

A Theoretical Account of Whale Song Syntax: A New Perspective for Understanding Human Language Structure


Angela Cao is smiling

Angela Yuan Cao

An Analysis of Causal Language Constructions in Diverse Discourse Data


Jane Farrell, Linguistics Honors

Jane Farrell

An investigation into the Prosody of Camouflaged Forms in African American English: Past tense Ain't


Hye Min Yoon

Hye Min Yoon

The Immediate Effects of Abdominal Breath-Control on Phonological Working Memory Performance and L2 Word Learning


Graduating Majors, Joint Majors and Minors!

Linguistics Majors

Kalyani Allums
Wendy Avilés
Kaylen Bond
Cutler Cannon
Angela Cao
Nicolette Cure
Jane Farrell
Jessica Ji
Ja’Kyla Kellem
Daisy Kim
Yvette Lapeza IV
Michelle Lee
Rebecca Levy
Emmet McGeown
Arabella Peters
Timir Solanki
Sarah Stein
Claire van Stolk

Quantitative Sciences w/ concentration in Linguistics

Yingying Chen

Psychology and Linguistics Majors

Justin Au
Charlese Blair
Leila Ransome
Abby Stamper
Kathryn Stein
Hye Min Yoon

Spanish and Linguistics Majors

Nikki Horton
Raquel Luna
Maddy Skinner

Linguistics Minors

Adam Abileah
Grace Chlebove
Dana Diab
Lilith Edwards
William Johnson
Alisha Mody
David Rich
Brianna Richardson
Seung Won Shin
Sarah Wang






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