The Linguistics Circle

Emory's Linguistics Circle meets weekly to discuss specific topics of interest across the field of linguistics. Our past discussions have focused on issues ranging from linguistic purism to baby sign language (and many more in between). In addition, the Linguistics Circle is proud to present various events, such as movie screenings and Olympiads, to bring linguistics to a wider audience and show its importance to all of us. Always eager to learn more, the Linguistics Circle encourages members from all majors and backgrounds to join in on the conversation. Graduate students are also welcome!

-(Written by Nicole Seifert, Class of 2015)


Meet the Exec Board:

Here are some of the interesting topics discussed in weekly meetings:

  •        What is even a syllable?
  •        The art of Translation
  •        What the $%^& : Profanity in our lives
  •        Universals in Language
  •        Should we ban “Bossy”?
  •        The Linguistics of Texting
  •        Loanwords and Linguistic Purism
  •        Dolphin “language”
  •        Multilingualism
  •        Gender Binary in Language
  •        Can babies learn language in the womb?