2015-16 Members

Emory's Linguistics Circle meets weekly to discuss specific topics of interest across the field of linguistics. Our past discussions have focused on issues ranging from linguistic purism to baby sign language (and many more in between). In addition, the Linguistics Circle is proud to present various events, such as movie screenings and Olympiads, to bring linguistics to a wider audience and show its importance to all of us. Always eager to learn more, the Linguistics Circle encourages members from all majors and backgrounds to join in on the conversation. Graduate students are also welcome!

-(Written by Nicole Seifert, Class of 2015)


  • ​Weekly meetings for the semester of Spring 2016 will be held every Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Modern Languages Building 201, unless otherwise notified.
  • To sign up for our List serv, please fill out this Google Form: http://goo.gl/forms/kfkaZi7n6p. If there are any problems, please email Cameron at a.c.coppala@emory.edu.
  • Follow us on Facebook "Linguistics Circle"  for the latest updates and upcoming events!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/538308809606225/?fref=ts
  • Contact Ash (apmenon@emory.edu) with any questions, comments, suggestions for future events, or if you would like to present a topic at one of our meetings!

photo of the linguistics circle executive board members


Meet the Exec Board:

Ashwathi P Menon (Ash)
Hello fellow Linguists! I am a senior, Linguistics and Biology double major, and also a 1st Years Masters Student in the 4+1 Cancer Biology and Translational Oncology Program. I grew up across 11 cities in India and Spain, am a proud military brat and an avid world explorer. I am currently working on learning rollerblading (What is balance?), finding a way to make large (or long) syntax trees fit on one page of paper,  and being on time for my 2 pm class.


Cameron Coppala
Vice President
Hi! I’m Cameron, the Vice President. I’m a senior majoring in Linguistics and Psychology. I don’t think there’s an area of linguistics I’m not interested in, but I’m writing an honors thesis on idiom properties and processing, and I plan to go into speech pathology. Outside of Linguistics, I really like marine biology, Nintendo, and my cat (cat pictures available upon request). I’m also the current president of Emory Pride. I was born and grew up in North Carolina and did not realize most people pronounce pen and pin differently until I took Ling 101.


Michael Zhong
I am Chaojie Zhong, the treasurer, but you can call me Michael. I am a junior with majors in Biology and Linguistics, and planning an unofficial major in German. Within Linguistics I am particularly interested in Historical Linguistics and language in use (via Corpus Linguistics). I am also looking for possibilities to combine Linguistics and Biology and to explore potential interdisciplinary career options. Fun Fact: I, a Chinese student, celebrated my 21st birthday with my American friends drinking Austrian Beer on the bank of Donau in Vienna, talking about a small world!


Hang Jiang
Publicity Manager
I am Hang, a sophomore and a Computer Science and Linguistics major. I am more interested in the syntax and semantics parts of linguistics because it fascinates me to see how linguistics and Computer Science mix with each other.I used to be a Portuguese and Spanish learner who also wanted to learn all languages in the world until I decided to be a linguist. Now, I think to myself: why not make my English better? I used to have an English name, Jon. I couldn’t say it correctly, confusing it with Joe, so now I go by Hang because I decide how to say it :)

Here are some of the interesting topics we have discussed at our weekly meetings:

  •        What is even a syllable?
  •        The art of Translation
  •        What the $%^& : Profanity in our lives
  •        Universals in Language
  •        Should we ban “Bossy”?
  •        The Linguistics of Texting
  •        Loanwords and Linguistic Purism
  •        Dolphin “language”
  •        Multilingualism
  •        Gender Binary in Language
  •        Can babies learn language in the womb?