Alexander Mendes

photo of prof. mendes

Assistant Professor, Department of French & Italian
Ph. D., UC Davis, 2018

Office: 410 Callaway North
Phone: 404-727-4127

Alexander Mendes (he/il). PhD University of California, Davis – 2018. Dr. Mendes is a scholar-practitioner working in interdisciplinary French studies from the vantage point of sociocultural and applied linguistics. He is interested in material and symbolic dimensions of multilingual dynamics, specifically language policies and practices in the French Mediterranean. His current book project is an ethnography of urban multilingualism on Corsica exploring issues related to immigration, heritage languages, and globalization. Mendes is Core Faculty in Linguistics and Hispanic Studies.

Interests include: 

  • Minoritized language maintenance / revitalization / reclamation 
  • Critical pedagogies 
  • The role of linguistics and language policy in social justice initiatives 
  • Sociopolitical processes shaping conceptualizations and representations of “multilingualism” 
  • Globalization studies and Mediterranean studies 

Recent Publications


Prof. Mendes, Dept. of French

Courses taught in Linguistics

LING 311 French Phonetics (same as FREN 311)
LING 505 Problems in Foreign Language Teaching (same as FREN 505)