Current Events

Spring 2018

Jonathan Rosa
Stanford University

Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018 @ 4:15pm
Location: White Hall, Room 110

From Bad Hombres to Bilingual Education: A Raciolinguistic Approach to the learning of Latinidad

This presentation analyzes constructions of U.S. Latinx identities from a raciolinguistic persspective, which theorizes historical and contemporary co-naturalizations of language and race. Rather than taking for granted existing categories for parsing and classifying race and language, a raciolinguistic perspective seeks to understand how and why these categories have been co-naturalized, and to imagine their denaturalization as part of a broader structural project of contesting racial capitalism and settler colonialism. Drawing on ethnographic research conducted in predominantly Latinx schools and communities, I examine borders delimiting Latinx and American identities on the one hand, and co-naturalizations of language and race on the other. These foci reflect an investment in developing a careful theorization of various forms of racial and linguistic hierarchies, as well as a commitment to the imagination and creation of more just societies.

Sponsored by: The Latin American and Carribbean Studies Program.

Cosponsored by The Program in Linguistics and the Departments of Spanish and Portuguese, Anthropology, and History.