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Amsterdam Exchange Programs (Fall & Spring)

Emory University's exchange programs in Amsterdam offer students the opportunity to take a range of courses taught in English while exploring Dutch culture and one of the world's great multicultural and multilingual cities. The program is open to all Emory students, but Linguistics Majors and Minors are given preference.

Emory students can choose to study at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) or Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA).

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) is a private Dutch university with more than 17,000 students and 2,000 academic staff from the Netherlands and other countries. The campus of VU Amsterdam stands as a center of excellence in academic research and education at the heart of the city's new international business district, the Zuidas.

Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) has more than 22,000 students and includes a comprehensive curriculum with sixty academic disciplines. The Faculty of the Humanities is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands.

Students interested in participating in the Amsterdam study abroad program must meet with the Dr. Tuten prior to submitting an application. More details and information regarding the application process for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) can be found here and here.

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Jessica Mrase, Study Abroad Advisor, 404-727-9767,
Donald Tuten, Program Faculty Contact, 404-727-6487,

Emory Iberian Studies Program (Summer)

Seville and Salamanca, Spain
This program, hosted by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, is open to all interested students: Spanish majors & minors as well as students interested in developing their proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of Hispanic culture.

Experience immersion in Spanish language and culture in two of the most vibrant cities of Spain: Seville (2 weeks) and Salamanca (4 weeks). Seville was once the largest city in all of Spain, a key city of Islamic Al-Andalus and of medieval Castile, and later the primary port which connected Spain with its American colonies. Even today the culture and the language spoken in the city recall those connections. Many aspects of the culture of Seville are among the most celebrated of Spain, such as Flamenco dance/music, bullfighting and "tapas". In contrast, Salamanca is the "Oxford" or "Cambridge" of the Hispanic world. The Universidad de Salamanca was founded in the year 1218 and retains a worldwide reputation in Spanish language teaching and Hispanic studies. Its 40,000 Spanish, European and Latin American students make Salamanca a very young city with a wide offering of cultural activities (theater, concerts, art exhibitions, local festivals) and an active social life for students and non-students alike.


  • General administrative questions (application process, fees, tuition, financial aid, enrollment, etc.)

Emory College Study Abroad
Phone: 404-727-2240

  • Academic and scheduling questions (courses, activities, fieldtrips, etc.)

Beginning and Intermediate Levels: Prof. Elva Gonzalez, Co-director,
Advanced: Prof. José Luis Boigues,


Other Programs

Emory College Study Abroad sponsors many study abroad opportunities at other international universities with strong offerings in Linguistics. These include many universitites in Europe where linguistics courses are offered only in the respective national language. Majors and minors are encouraged to contact the appropriate ECSA coordinator if they are interested in any of these programs. If students are interested in a particular region/language, there is a great search feature on the Emory College Study Abroad website to assist students with an appropriate match.

Within the United Kingdom, the following universities also provide strong offerings in Linguistics:

University College of London

School of Oriental and African Studies

University of Manchester

University of Sussex

For more information about these program and others, please visit Emory College Study Abroad (ECSA).