DiVar 1 Schedule

Diversity and Variation in Language
Feb 10 and 11, 2017

Emory Conference Center
Starvine Ballrooms

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Day One

8:30-9:25 Registration and coffee

Session 1 Lexical variation
9:25 - 11:30, Starvine I
Chair: Jinho Choi (Emory University)

9:25 Conference Welcome, Allison Burkette (University of Mississippi)
Katie Ireland Kuiper
University of Georgia
“After three days, fish and guests stink: Sharen linguistic resources across three generations”
Allison Burkette
University of Mississippi
“’Language and culture’ meets ‘variation and change’: A trans-Atlantic comparison”
Juliana Norton
University of Mississippi
“Mud wasps and spiteful hornets: Connecting LANE with folk taxonomy”
Ian Stewart and
Jacob Eisenstein
Georgia Institute of Technology
“#thighgap to #thyghgapp” Incrementation of orthographic variation on Instagram”

Session 2 Language and place
9:25 - 11:30, Starvine II
Chair: Hiram Maxim (Emory University)

9:25 Conference Welcome, Susan Tamasi (Emory University)
Melinda Childs and Jessica Lian
Georgia State
“Linguistic landscape of Burmese in Clarkston, Georgia”
Cassie Leymarie
Emory University
“Linguistic landscape and language activism: Acknowledging linguistic diversity in Clarkston, Georgia”
Giovanna Brunetti
University of Mississippi
“Sicilians in Detroit: Intonation patterns and new vocabulary”
Hiram Maxim
Emory University
“Linguistic variation amidst curricular coherence: A longitudinal case study of curriculum-based L2 writing development”

Lunch 11:30 - 1:30

Panel A
Advice for new faculty
1:30 -  2:30, Starvine I

Panel B
How to get into graduate school 

1:30 - 2:30, Starvine I

Break 2:30 - 3:00

Session 3 Sociophonetics I
3:00-5:00, Starvine I
Chair: Jose Luis Boigues (Emory University)

Mohammad Aljutaily
University of Georgia and Qassim University
“Variation on the production of emphasis if Gulf Pidgin Arabic: A sociophonetic study"
Rosa Ilyayeva
Emory University
“Patterns of /r/ realization in the rhotic South: Examining /r/-dissimilation in Atlanta”
Lisa Lipani
University of Georgia
“Variation in word-final consonants: Velar stops”
Mike Olsen
University of Georgia
“Revisiting /æ/-raising in Chicago: A pilot study on LANCS speakers”

Session 4 Diversity and identity
3:00-5:00, Starvine II
Chair: Johnny Cheng (Emory University)

Tamara Warhol
University of Mississippi
“Transforming linguistics pedagogy, celebrating diversity”
Dennis Preston
Oklahoma State University
“Diversity in Sociolinguistics: The turn to language regard”
Brianna Cornelius
University of South Carolina
“Gay black men and the negotiation of multiplex identities through code-switching”
Sazara Johnson and Sasha Johnson-Coleman
SaTechRo, LLC and Norfolk State University
“SEEN vs. SHADOWTM Business politics: Using language to determine power, position, and performance”

Break 5:00-5:30

Friday Plenary
5:30-6:30, Starvine Ballroom
Walt Wolfram (North Carolina State University)
"Engagement ain't Optional in Language Variation Studies"

Day Two

Registration and coffee

Session 5 Language and texts
9:30-11:30, Starvine I
Chair: Hakyoon Lee (Georgia State University)

Jimmie Roberts, Kathryn Battaglia, and Roberto Franzosi
Emory University
“The 1906 Atlanta race riots: Newspaper language and the epideictic rhetoric of race relations”
Roberto Franzosi, Jack Hardy, Dimitrios Zaras, and Alberto Purpura
Emory University, Georgia State, Emory University, and University of Padua
“100 years of sociological writing: A study in corpus linguistics”
Joshua Hummel
University of Georgia
“Conflict variation: Distribution of ‘protest’ and ‘riot’ in contemporary news media”

Session 6 Colloquium: Linguistic Planets of Belief
9:30-11:30, Starvine II
Colloquium: Linguistic Planets of Belief
Paulina Bounds (Tennessee Tech)
Jennifer Cramer (University of Kentucky)
Susan Tamasi (Emory University)

Lunch 11:30-1:30

Panel C
Careers for linguists outside of academia

1:30-2:30, Starvine I
Roundtable discussion: How can we be better mentors
1:30-2:30, Starvine II

Break: 2:30-3:00

Session 7 Sociophonetics II
3:00-5:00, Starvine I
Chair: Yun Kim (Emory University)

Rachel Olsen and Margaret Renwick
University of Georgia
“Methods for capturing acoustic variation in Southern US speech”
Joseph Stanley
University of Georgia
“V[e]ry v[ɛ]riable vowel mergers in the Pacific Northwest”
Phillip Carter and Autumn Hyatt
Florida International University
“A first look at AAE among African Americans and Haitian Americans in Miami: Grammatical and phonological variation”
Trevor Ramsey and Lisa Lipani
University of Georgia
“Variation in negative contractions: From /z/ to [d]"

Session 8 Variation across languages
3:00-5:00, Starvine II
Chair: Donald Tuten (Emory University)

Luca D’Anna
University of Mississippi
“Dialectal variation and identity in post-revolutionary Lybian media: The case of Dragunov (2014)”
Daniel Martín González
University Complutense de Madrid
“When Cognitive Linguistics met Sociolinguistics: Defining Judeo-Spanish as an L2 in Reverend Alexander Thomson’s El catecismo (1854)”
Anita Husen
Stanford University
“Religious heritage learners: Competencies and needs of non-Arab Muslims in Arabic class”
Stephen Fafulas, Erin O’Rourke, and Nicholas Henriksen
University of Mississippi, University of Alabama, and University of Michigan
“Language contact and convergence in the Peruvian Amazon: The case of Yagua-Spanish and Bora-Spanish”

Break 5:00-5:30

Saturday Plenary
5:30-6:30, Starvine Ballroom
Bill Kretzschmar (University of Georgia)
"A Good Turn"