Teaching Assistants & Peer Mentors

Fall 2023

LING 101 History of the American Languages

Shaily Parihar, the graduate teaching assistant for LING 101, is seated in front of a white book case filled with books of various sizes and colors. She is smiling and looking straight ahead.

Shaily Parihar

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ph.D. Candidate, English

Office hours: Mondays 1-3pm, 117 MLB

LING 190 Language and Race in Atlanta

Sarah Bekele is an undergraduate teaching assistant for LING 190, she is outdoors bokeh lights, sky, and trees are in the background.

Sarah Bekele

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Office hours: by appointment only

LING 201 / ANT 203 Foundations of Linguistics

Giang Dang is a peer mentor for LING 201, she is standing in front of a white background, smiling and looking forward.

Giang Dang

Peer Mentor
Linguistics and French Studies

Office hours: Tuesdays 4-5pm, 117 MLB


Talia Yu is a peer mentor for LING 201, she is among a landscape of trees, grass and sidewalk, smiling.

Talia Yu

Peer Mentor
Linguistics and English & Creative Writing

Office hours: Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm, 117 MLB



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