Phillip Wolff

phillip wolff

Program in Linguistics
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Coordinator of the Joint Psychology and Linguistics Major

Ph. D. in Cognitive Psychology
Northwestern University, 1999

OFFICE: Psychology Building, Rm 479
PHONE: 404-727-7140

Professor Wolff has been an active membe rof the core faculty of the Program in Linguistics since 2004. His research focuses on the relationship between language and cognition, computational modelsof causal meaning and reasoning, and cross-linguistics approaches to the study of word meaning. More specifically, his research address questions like the following:

  • What is the relationship between language and thought?
  • Does the language you speak influence or reflect the way you think about the world?
  • Does learning a new language change the way you think?
  • How are causal relationships learned?
  • How do we combine causal relations to form theories?
  • What aspects of causation appear in the meaning of words?

Professor Wolff has co-authored and edited two books and is currently co-editing a book withBarbara Malt entitled Words and the World, which examines the interface of languageand thought across languages (he regularly offers a course on this topic). Professor Wolff is onthe editorial board of the journal Cognitive Science, and he will serve as faculty atthe 2007 Summer Institute of Linguistics, to be held at Stanford University

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