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Linguistics Major

The Program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics. The major is designed to introduce students to fundamental aspects of the study of human language, emphasizing how an interdisciplinary approach to language better informs a global understanding of language use, structure, acquisition, variation and change. Specifically, the program aims to show how structural, cognitive and sociocultural approaches to the study of language compare, contrast and complement one another.

The major is designed so that students acquire and reinforce a solid introductory base in the study of linguistics (normally Linguistics 101 and 201, followed later by 401). Students then must take a series of breadth courses to ensure more intensive study in a) language and cognition, b) linguistic structure and meaning, c) language, society and culture. Along with this required exposure to different fields and approaches, students take elective courses to deepen their understanding of one or more of the approaches to the study of language. Majors are also required to take two foreign language courses.

Joint Major in Psychology and Linguistics

The Joint Major is designed for students who have a primary interest in language and cognition and its particular goal is to show how the research perspectives of linguistics and psychology complement each other in study of human language use. More specifically, the joint major aims to prepare students to pursue graduate careers focusing on experimental research in Cognitive Psychology, Linguistics, Communication, Cognitive Science, or Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Required courses provide students with basic knowledge of the subject matter and methodologies from each discipline. These include four required courses in Psychology, and two required courses in Linguistics. Four additional electives are required (e.g., PSYC 215 Cognition or PSYC 310 Cognitive Development; 309 Brain and Language or 316 Language Acquisition; an additional PSYC elective and an additional LING elective). The major culminates in a semester of Directed Research (PSYC/LING499 or LING495 Honors) in which students engage in a supervised research project on a particular topic of interest in language. This project normally involves research and analysis based on original data collection but may be completed through critical review of comprehensive theoretical reading.

Joint Major in Spanish and Linguistics

The Joint Major in Spanish and Linguistics is an interdisciplinary program requiring a minimum of 45 credit hours. Students will be able to declare this new major starting in Fall 2017.

Linguistics Minor

Students are required to take Linguistics 201, Linguistics 101 or 401, two electives and two foreign language courses at the 200-level or above OR two courses in two different foreign languages at any level, with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Quantitative Sciences Major, Linguistics Track

QSS Linguistics track major will teach you to model knowledge and language computationally and to use data to find patterns in how people acquire language and track linguistic variations across speakers and geography.
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