2013 College & Linguistics Research Symposium

April 24, 2013
DUC -- Coca Cola Commons

Josephine Duan
The Sound of Color: Do Prosodic Cues Reflect Perceived Color and Brightness?

Kimberly Edmunds
Chinese ESL Learners' Overuse of the Definite Article: A Corpus Study

Jiaqi Guo and Malcolm Robinson
Syntactic spaß: A study into collegiate foreign language learning

Sarah Leiter
Christianese: A sociolinguistic analysis of the evangelical Christian dialect of American English

Michelle Linch
The Role of Sound Symbolism on Product-Label Pairings

Katheryn Almeida, Andrea Kent, Alexandra Lopez, Jodie Michtell, and Michael Vo
Ongoing Change in the Use of Dude and Bro