2019 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Papers or Posters Presented or Published



Title College Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 24, 2019 Linguistics Awards Luncheon & Poster Presentation, April 30, 2019 Other
Deandra Bacon Size Sound Symbolism and its Implications for Meaning in Natural Language X
Anna Bintinger Children's Acquisition of Negative Concord and Negative Polarity Items in English X
Jaden Bougyon
An Analysis of Complementizer Enclitics in Egyptian Arabic.
Darrah Devane and Shawna Dempsey
Case Assignment and Subject-Verb Agreement of Coordinate Phrases in English and Lulogooli.
Laura Flescher, Debbie Lee, Carlos Monteagudo, and Julie Wechsler
Effect of Word Frequency on Lexical Retrieval" -
Undergraduate Research Symposium,
Alexis Greenblatt How Bilingualism Impacts Success on the Stroop Task. X
Julia Kim
Parental Influence on Motivation of Korean
Heritage Language Learners.
Chloe Lam The Effect of Motivational Orientation on the Continuation of Mandarin Courses in Chinese Heritage Speakers
Chaerim Lee The Word Length Effect on RT in the Stroop Task X
Sophia Minnillo Comparison of Oral Proficiency Testing Methods in Undergraduate French SLA X X X - Paper presented at the University of Wisconsin Madison SLA Symposium, April 2019
Taiki Mochizuki, Sophia Minnillo, Riley Swab, and Alisia Moore Effect of Grammatical Category on Lexical Processing: Comparison of Nouns and Verbs. X
Alisia Moore Effects of Billingualism on Stroop Task Performance X
Seaira Lett and Julie Wechsler Negation in Lulogooli X - Research (NCUR) Conference at Kennesaw State, Aprill 2019.
Seaira Lett, Julie Wechsler, and Melanie Fabregas Negation Formation in Lulogooli: Four Ways to Say No X
Daphne Weiss & Elizabeth Purnell (Oxford), Jennifer McGee PhD, Daniel Walter PhD, & Arden Godfrey