2014 College & Linguistics Research Symposium

April 23, 2014
DUC -- Coca Cola Commons

Cameron Coppala
Barriers to effective communication between doctors and transgender patients: A pilot study

Kristie Denlinger
The Role of Syntax in Word Conversion: Uses and Limits to Corpus-Based Approach to Converted Denominal Verbs

Ian Kirby
Any as a Negative Polarity Item: From Old English to Early Modern English

Cass Lanford
Millennials and "...the fuck..." Constructions

Connor Leydecker
The Language of Prayer: A Qualitative Linguistic Analysis of Prayer Form & Function

Alex Lopez
"Bitch, You're Such a Slut: How College Women use Bitch and Slut for Relationship and Identity Work

Laura Manor
Dictionary Dissection, Computational Approach to Recovering Primitive Concepts

Chris Naber
Adjunction in Auxiliary Contraction