2021 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Papers or Posters Presented or Published

Emory Linguistics Virtual Conference, May 5, 2021
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Angela Cao and Maddy Liotta Tigrinya: NPIs and their Licensing in Tigrinya
Shawna Dempsey Aint Ain't a Word: Stigma Against Southern Speech
in the Classroom.
Jane Farrell, Daisy Kim and Marvin Richards Hyper For Hypernyms: Word Association and the Hierarchical
Network Model.
Lydia Feng WISeN: Widely Interpretable Semantic Network for
Richer Meaning Representation.
Keara Harris Visualising Merge as a Three-Dimensional
Constructed Language
Rammi Quah The Syntax of Palestinian Arabic Modal Verbs.
Eva Rothenberg In These Unprecedented Times: A Genre Analysis
of American University Reopening Statements
during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Qifan Wang The Hairscapes of Chinese International
Julie Wechsler Motivations of Student Medical Interpreters: Personal, Professional, or Altruistic?


Emory College Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 21, 2021

Angela Cao and Haohan Shi On The Relation Between Negative Polarity Items and Processing Implicatures of Quantity.
Dang Giang Tone Correlation between Chinese Words and
Sino Vietnamese Words
Hye Min Yoon and Wendy Aviles The Word Frequency Effect and Lexical Access in Korean Heritage Speakers.


The National Council on Undergraduate Research, April 12-14, 2021

Justin Au and Ohara Darmetko Tense and Lax Stop Distinctions in Kyungsang Korean.
Justin Au, Qifan Wang, and Nathaniel Goldblum Noun Acquisition in 24-month old English and Mandarin Chinese Speaking Infants.
Angela Cao and Maddy Liotta Licensing of Negative Polarity Items
in Tigrinya
Jacqueline Hubbard, Kailey Nelson, and Emily Silber A Study of Vowel Lengthening in Modern Farsi.
Sophia Rice and Moyang Xu The Effects of Covid-19 on Language
Use in U.S. News: a Corpus-Based Analysis.
Julie Wechsler Motivations of Student Medical Interpreters:
Professional, Personal, or Altruistic?
Hye Min Yoon, Ally Su, Ja'Kyla Kellem, and Jiwoo Yoon Korean Heritage Language Speakers’ Attitudes Toward
Koreans and Korean Americans and Heritage
Language Use Anxiety.

15th Annual Cornell Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium (CULC15)

Kaylen Bond and Hye Min Yoon A Concept-Based Approach: Korean Verbal Honorifics for L2 Learners and Heritage Speakers.


2021 University of South Carolina Student Research Symposium, April 10, 2021

Hye Min Yoon and Kaylen Bond A Concept-Based Approach to
Teaching L2 Korean Verbal Honorifics