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It is possible to complete the Linguistics major in two years at the Atlanta campus.

If you are interested in the Joint Psychology and Linguistics Major, it is recommended that you meet some of the Psychology requirements while at Oxford.


It is possible to complete the Linguistics major in two years at the Atlanta campus.

The linguistics major consists of eleven courses, including two foreign language courses (at the 200 level or above), and three elective courses.
Currently, there are no Linguistics courses offered at Oxford but students should try to take the 2 foreign language courses at Oxford:

  1. Two courses in one foreign language at the 200-level or above or
  2. Two courses in two different foreign languages at any level, with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

NOTE: Students participating in the Amsterdam Study Abroad Program may use introductory Dutch to satisfy one semester of this requirement.

The first two courses to take at Emory should be

  • Ling 101, “History of the American Languages” (required for the major)
  • Ling 201, “Foundations of Linguistics” (required for major, minor, and joint major)

* These do not need to be taken in any particular order

Most of the cross-listed courses do not require prerequisites, and therefore, students can take many of them at any time. However, we recommend that you start with Ling 101 or 201. Also, you should take Ling 201 before taking Ling 210, 212, or 214.

This is an example of what a student's schedule may look like within a 2 year period:

1. LING 201 Foundations of Linguistics
2. Linguistics Elective or sociocultural course
3. LING 101 History of the American Languages
4. Structural course (LING 210, 212 or 214)
5. Linguistics Elective
6. Cognitive course (LING 309, 318, etc.)
7. Research Methods course (can also count as a sociocultural or elective course)
8. Linguistics Elective
9. LING 401 Language, Mind & Society (for graduating seniors only)
Foreign Language Courses
10 & 11. Take while attending Oxford

Joint Psychology and Linguistics

1. Emory College has a 2 semester Intro sequence for the psychology portion of the joint major: 

PSYC 110 Intro to Psych I: Psychobiology and Cognition
PSYC 111 Intro to Psych II: Development, Social Behavior and Indiv. Diff.

Courses that can be taken at Oxford to fulfill the sequence are:

PSYC_OX 100 - Completion of Psych 100 at Oxford fulfills the Psych 111 portion of the Intro sequence. Successfully completing Psyc_OX 100 mean that you may not take Psych 111.
PSYC_OX 207 - If you did not take Psyc_OX 207 (Brain and Behavior) on the Oxford campus, then you must take Psych 110 to complete the Intro sequence.

2. MATH_OX 107  ≠  QTM 100

If you have completed Math_OX 107 you will still need to take QTM 100 for the Joint Psychology & Linguistics major. Taking Math 107 does not exempt you from this requirement. Math 107 is a theoretical math course that discusses about statistical concepts from a math perspective. QTM 100 is an applied course which takes those math concepts and shows you how to apply them to the types of behavioral data that psychologists work with. In addition, you will also learn to use statistical analysis packages on the computer. You will find that most of the students in QTM 100 have also already had Math 107.

3. A/P Credit

Students who received a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Examination in Psychology will be granted an exemption from PSYC 111. The student will still be required to complete 11 courses total for the major, including the first half of the Introductory Requirement, PSYC 110. Students who receive A/P credit will need to take AN ADDITIONAL PSYCHOLOGY ELECTIVE to fulfill the major.