James Morey

Photo of Professor James Morey

Professor, Department of English
Ph. D. in English
Cornell University, 1990

Office: Callaway Center, Rm N312
Phone: 404-727-4582
Email: jmorey@emory.edu

Professor Morey has been on the Emory faculty since 1994 and has been a member of the core faculty in Linguisticssince 2002. He regularly teaches courses on Old and Middle English language and literature (including Beowulf) as wellas the history of the English language. He also teaches other English literature courses at the undergraduate andgraduate levels.

Professor Morey's interest in language and linguistics is focused on historical linguistics (what a previous generation called Philology), language change, and semantic evolution. He has additional interests in Icelandic language and literature and in versions of the Bible in the medieval European vernacular languages.


Prof. Morey's Dept. of English webpage

Course taught in Linguistics

LING 363 Old English Language & Literature (same as ENG 300)
LING 362 Beowulf (same as ENG 301)
LING 385 Middle English Language/Literature (same as ENG 303)