Brianna Yamasaki

Brianna Yamasaki

Assistant Professor, Psychology
Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology
University of Washington, 2018

Office: PAIS 379
Phone: 404-712-9724

Dr. Yamasaki joined Emory University in 2022 and became a core faculty of Linguistics in 2023. Her areas of research are: Cognitive & Developmental Neuroscience, Individual Differences, Language, Literacy, and Executive Processes (Attention & Memory).

Dr. Yamasaki’s research lies at the crossroads of cognitive and developmental psychology. Her program of research leverages cognitive neuroscience, behavioral co-variance, longitudinal designs, and training studies to explore how language, literacy, and executive processes (attention and memory) interact to drive individual differences in linguistic development across the lifespan. Through her work, she aims to build more inclusive and comprehensive models of language and reading.


Dr. Yamasaki - Dept. of Psychology
The BaBL Lab

Courses taught in Linguistics

LING 309 Brain and Language (same as PSYC 309)